Dog Logs (1)

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Dog Logs (1)

A heatwave followed by some rainstorms this week, just your typical dog walkers week in Scotland.

Since this is the first blog, stepping into the start of the second year. i’ll catch you up on some of the dogs in the Pawsitive Family.

Basil & Poppy – Westies
Coco – Lercher staffy cross.
Columbo – Schnauzer/ Poodle
Heidi – Bernese mountain dog
Biggie & Bruno – Lab & Labradoodle
Brodie – King Charles Spaniel
Gino & Nice – Yorkies

Poppy the little west highland terrier, has just undergone some corrective surgery to a partial ligament tear in her back left leg. She is making great recovery, although she still needs to remain in constricted confinement to let her leg heal properly. Basil her little brother is soreley missing play time with big sis.