Group Walks

This is for socialized dogs, that love to run in a pack and make new friends. Group walks will consist of up to 4 dogs, that will be picked up and dropped off by van. Walks will also occasionally be changed to offer new and exciting places for your dogs to explore and have fun.

Pet Home Sitting

Pet sitting whether it is for a few hours, the whole evening or several days/ weeks. Due to current living situations I can only look after pets in the comfort of their homes if local. This is recommended especially if the animal(s) suffer from types anxiety and need to be as comfortable as possible to provides a familiar stress free environment for your pet.

Individual Walks

Walks with specific attentions to your dogs needs. These walks will focus on the individual needs of your dog, whether they have anti-social tendencies or just prefer to walk at their own pace. The walks will include local parks and walking area's familiar to your dog.

Open hours

Monday          09.00 - 18.00

Tuesday          09.00 - 18.00

Wednesday  09.00 - 18.00

Thursday        09.00 - 18.00

Friday               09.00 - 18.00

Saturday               Closed (For walks)

Sunday                   Closed (For walks)



(Group walks will be limited to the surrounding Cathcart area, G44).

The areas I cover for individual walks include postcodes G42, G43, G44 (Including Queens Park and Shawlands)

How it works.


  • After deciding the services you require, I will always recommend meeting you and your pets first. This way they can become comfortable with me before any house sitting or walks are initiated. It also allows us to go over the particulars of you and your pets specific needs.
  • We will then choose walking or sitting times that can be agreed on between us both, whether it's a one off or for on a regular basis.
  • On the day(s) chosen for walks or pet sitting, I will come to your house and pick up your dog(s) for their allocated time, before returning your well exercised companion.
  • I like to keep dogs to familiar area's unless specified otherwise, this helps to ensure the dogs are comfortable and stress free while getting their daily exercise.
  • Walks to the country parks and other destinations can also be explored, weather permitting and with owners permission. (especially with group walks). Transport will be done by van for these little expeditions.
  • I will provide all necessary equipment, leads, dog treats, and disposable bags for the walks, as well as towels to clean dirty paws. If you prefer your dog to be walked on harnesses or specialised lead, you can also provide this for walks.

All walks will be based on and around scheduled appointments, I will endeavour to get the most convenient time possible for your needs.

Any other information required please don't hesitate to get in contact.


Track your dogs walk!

All walks have the option of GPS app tracking through 'Doggy Logs'. Have peace of mind always knowing, where, when and for how long your dogs are being walked.

dog walk

Next Steps...

If you're interested in the services I offer, then please take a look at the competitive prices and rates available.